Crossover Symetry System - Individual
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Crossover Symetry System - Individual

The Crossover Symmetry System is an advanced, fully customizable shoulder health and performance system that’s unlike anything else in the industry. Developed by leading physical therapists, coaches and athletes, this dynamic training and recovery method can help bulletproof the shoulders against future injury, eliminate post-workout aches and pains, and maximize performance in a wide range of athletic pursuits. There is no training kit better equipped for developing the mechanics needed to quickly eliminate shoulder pain and develop strength and mobility overhead.

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The Crossover Symmetry education platform lives online for access anytime and anywhere. Over 50 videos at your fingertips ensure you get the right information when you need it.


·         The “Pain Track” takes you through a proven 3-step process to help end shoulder pain permanently. This individualized program starts with the "Red Flag Shoulder Screen" to customize each exercise based on your individual condition, so you can rehab your shoulder without pain. It includes the "30 Day Shoulder Fix" as well as a maintenance program to ensure that you stay pain free.

·         The "Coaches Corner" section eliminates the information gap that occurs when trying to train a large group of athletes over multiple training sessions. Professional instruction is available to every one of your athletes on the Crossover Symmetry System to ensure they are getting the best training available.


 Crossover Symmetry Programs - 5 Programs to cover the specific needs, time constraints, and demands of any athlete:

·         Activation – Perfect primer and dynamic warm-up.

·         Activation+ (NEW) – Plyometrics to supercharge your warm-up, improve proprioception, and target fast twitch muscle fibers.

·         Recovery – Eccentrics for improved blood flow and tendon health.

·         Strength – Intense program for increased shoulder stability.

·         Mobility (NEW) – Fast and effective attack on major limiters of overhead mobility.


Individual Package Resistance Options:

·         Novice – Includes Green (3 LB) and Yellow (10 LB) cords.. Recommended for beginner athletes (ages 8-13) or those rehabbing from a shoulder injury.

·         Athletic – Includes Purple (7 LB) and Red (15 LB) cords.The most popular Crossover Symmetry resistance package among men and women. Preferred by high school athletes, active adults, anyone looking to reduce shoulder pain from sports related movements.

·         Elite – Includes Yellow (10 LB) and Blue (25 LB) cords. Best suited for collegiate and professional athletes training at a high level and/or experienced with Crossover Symmetry.

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