Open Trap Bar

Open Trap Bar

The OPEN TRAP BAR is a brand new version of the traditional hex bar, which is one of the most widely used tools for building strength and learning to generate power.

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This ingenious design offers several advantages over a traditional enclosed frame.    The most important of these is access to far more moves than before.   By opening up the front of the bar, it's possible to use the trap bar for tricks, free weight transfer during the farmer's walk, and many other exercises while maintaining perfect balance.

By many trainers, working with a trap bar, is safer than a traditional straight barbell because the load is centered and more balanced, resulting in much less stress on the spine.

 Open trap bar training is ideal for beginners who want to develop basic levels of strength.

 Training with the Trap Bar develops not only strength but power as well, and the effect of transferring this type of training to other sports is undeniable - Olympic weightlifters, strongmen and other professional athletes alike can benefit from incorporating an open trap bar into their training.


Bar weight
Loadable Sleeve Length
Handles length
Grip diameter
Number of handles
Length of the load part
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