We work with the largest brands in Europe.

From the beginning, we strive to create an offer that meets the needs of the most demanding customers. Appreciating the products officially used by CrossFit company , we became the exclusive distributor of Assault Fitness, RPM Training and Crossover Symetry.
We are proud that we can cooperate with the most recognizable brands in Europe, like Reebok or KSW, and realize the largest CrossFit events in Poland - Medieval Games and Amarok EAST SIDE Challenge.


Crossover Symmetry is a medically designed rotator cuff and scapular strengthening system engineered to enhance shoulder health and performance. Crossover Symmetry was founded in 2006 by a professional baseball player and a physical therapist with the goal to provide a practical, structured, and efficient shoulder strengthening system for athletes.
The programs were developed using the most current research and EMG data to identify the best exercises and techniques to train the scapular stabilizers and rotator cuff. They then choose the highest quality equipment to facilitate the programming in the most functional and efficient way possible.
Crossover Symmetry is currently headquartered in Arvada, Colorado, and provides gear to athletes, coaches, and therapists around the world. We are currently used by professional athletes in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and over 75% of major NCAA Division I Universities. Crossover Symmetry is also used a principal training tool among the best Competitive Fitness athletes and gyms in the world.


Concept2 began in 1976 in the back of a bread truck when Dick and Pete Dreissigacker, fresh from Olympic training, started making composite racing oars. Concept2 oars have since gone on to become the oar of choice among the world's rowers, and innovations continue right to the present-day.
In 1981, Dick and Pete created the Concept2 Indoor Rower, which swiftly became the best-selling rowing machine in the world. Now several models later, it’s used every day by Olympic athletes, cardiac rehab patients, individuals at home and every caliber of rower in-between.
Now, their product line includes oars, the indoor rower, the SkiErg and the BikeErg.
Every machine and oar they produce comes from a background of over forty years of excellence. Our primary goal is to promote and encourage the growth of rowing, both indoors and outdoors.


A division of LifeCORE Fitness, Assault Fitness Products has been a leader in developing equipment for the elite fitness world for over 20 years Forged in the belief that tradition fitness equipment did not offer the durability and strength necessary for true athletic use, all Assault products are designed to take a beating and be easy to maintain. Based in sunny Southern California, Assault is a company of nice people making hardworking fitness equipment to help you achieve your utmost fitness goals.
Now, Assault Fitness product line includes AirBike Classic, AirBike Elite and AirRunner.


PM TRAINING COMPANY began with a plan to reinvent one of the oldest and most proven training tools: the jump rope.

Unlike a barbell or kettlebell, your jump rope is highly personal and therefore one of the few fitness products everyone should own. To perform at your highest level, you need a rope that fits your height, technique, and training style. After a 2008 fitness competition RPM TRAINING company scour the market for the best jump rope, turned out that there had not been a significant development in the space for decades. So, leaning on our roots in design, engineering, and fitness, they set out to create the most sophisticated jump rope the world had ever seen.

After launching first speed rope in 2012, RPM quickly became the preferred rope of competitors throughout the sport of CrossFit. Since that time, between setting world records and creating a new platform for personal expression, they have continued to refine design, improving it every step of the way.

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