Jerk Landmine
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Jerk Landmine

The Jerk is a legendary exercise designed to teach explosiveness, power generation, and maximum strength in both competitive weightlifters and those in other sports.

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 However, learning to work with a straight barbell for non-specialists is technically demanding, which may delay reaching maximum weights.

 In an attempt to speed up the process, trainers have developed all sorts of technical variations, and protocols to speed up the learning of power generation, but the real solution to this problem is to change the equipment.

 Now all you need is a Jerk landmine that is designed to achieve natural alignment of joints, shoulders and natural resistance lines!  

 Jerk landmine replaces dozens of hours of technique work for one smooth movement, similar to overhead presses, without losing the strength to learn the movement.

By changing the equipment we can transfer natural, explosive movements to any athletic activity. The result is an optimal way to consistently build power in a joint pain-free environment.Furthermore, the design of the Clean and Jerk Attachment eliminates many of the technical complexities created by the Olympic bar which results in safer and easier movementsNow you can spend less time working on technique and more time lifting to build power!

 Until now, the benefits of power building movements was limited to a select few because of the injury risk and the need for advanced instruction and coaching.Now with the Clean and Jerk attachment (aka Jammer attachment), it allows your body to naturally fall into place making the movements more intuitive and easy to learn.With just a few coaching queues you’ll be able learn and/or teach the movements in just a matter of minutes.


Deadlift variations

Squat jump

Sprinter squat

Ski jumper squat

Power Clean

Split clean & jerk

Split snatch

Diagonal press

Row variations


Handles length
Grip diameter
Length of the load part
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