Fractional plates 2 x 0,5 kg
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Fractional plates 2 x 0,5 kg

Change plates of  2 x 0.5 are the perfect complement to the heavy-duty assortment that every enthusiast of strength training should have in their gym.

120 PLN
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14 dni na zwrot
Darmowa dostawa od 4000 zł


Breaking your own records and striving for the dream result is the main goal of every weight training. Exceeding your own limit even by half a kilogram gives you a feeling of extraordinary satisfaction and sense of further work. For this purpose, we have prepared for you loads that offer weight gain from 0.5 kg to 2.5 kg. Each steel plate has a matte finish with an outer rubber coating that protects it from damage and minimizes noise during use. In addition, the rubber finish of the hole prevents it from quickly slipping off the bar. The collar holes are adjusted to the size of the Olympic barbell sleeve - diameter 50.40 mm. Accurate weight selection during the progressive series is one of the most important factors when choosing an exercise club, so it is worth equipping your gym with low loads. Not only are the Change plates great for strength training, they are also great for technique, warm-up and endurance sets.


Collar opening
50,4 mm
Steel and rubber
Product weight
2 x 0,5 kg
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