Plates sets - 109 kg

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Plates sets - 109 kg

A set of 109 kg plates loads is the basic equipment of every gym.
2x 0,5 kg
2x 1,5 kg

2x2,5 kg
2 x 5 kg
2x 10 kg
2x 15 kg

2x20 kg

This pack contains

1900 PLN
Tax included

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STEELSTORM brand plates, after many years on the Polish market, are recognized like one of the best products of this type. The right mixture of granules and the production method guarantee very high resistance to damage. The rounded sleeve just in connection with the rubber, and the lack of inner bars increase reliability even when the smallest loads (5 kg) hit the ground. With us, the slogan "do not throw on Fridays!" - does not apply! We offer our clients high performance and intelligent, economical choice suitable for every sports center. All STEELSTORM plates are produced in Poland from granules obtained by recycling. Thanks to this, our product is durable and environmentally friendly.

Plate Widths:

5 kg - 30 mm

10 kg- 60 mm

15 kg-90 mm

20 kg - 120 mm


Plate type
Collar opening
50,4 mm
Weight tolerance
+/- 15 grams of claimed weight
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