Core Mat
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Core Mat

AB Mat is designed for athletes looking for an extra spine support piece during exercise to complement their Functional Strength Training protocol.

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Increased surface tension means athletes must apply greater external force to generate proper movement.

Properly shaped foam perfectly matches the curvature of our spine and provides solid support during exercise. It was made of high-quality foam and an outer material that will be pleasant to use.

Before we get to the reason why this mat is created, it is important to understand the basic anatomy of the abdominal muscles. The front and lateral torso muscles work in many ways: they support the abdominal organs (this is what holds your insides together), they are involved in the breathing process, and they are involved in torso movements - forward bending, lateral bending and rotation.

The rectus abdominis muscle is the most superficial of these muscles and connects the rib cage to the pelvis. Its primary role is to flex the torso.

The internal and external oblique muscles also attach the ribs to the pelvis and are responsible for rotation and lateral flexion of the torso. The transverse muscle connects the ribs to the pelvis, but has a line of application similar to a weight belt. The fibers run horizontally and compress the abdomen as you move.

When doing crunches, as with any other movement, it is imperative that our body is moving to its full extent. To get the most out of sit ups, your abdominal muscles must move from maximum stretch to maximum contraction.

AB Mat makes the abdominal muscles move in the full and accessible range of motion. It allows the spine to be stretched in the lumbar region and tilts the pelvis forward, thus providing full range, elongation and powerful abdominal muscle contractions.

Sit ups are great abdominal strength training exercises to help you start thinking about switching to GHD.


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