Bar 20 kg

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Bar 20 kg

A high-quality male bar weighing 20 kg, 220 cm long, chrome-plated, with a lifting capacity of 680 kg. Thanks to the handle diameter of 28 mm, the bar is firm and stable in the hand. Its durability, expressed in PSI, ranges from 190,000 - 215,000 units. To ensure the highest quality of use, we have placed 8 wide needle bearings in the construction of the bar, which ensure long-term durability of the equipment. In addition to technical advantages, the tiguar Olympic bar is also distinguished by its outstanding design and design, making it one of the most interesting products on the market. It works great during workouts based on bench press, rowing, squats, deadlifts, charges and snaps. It is also perfect for cross training.

1663 PLN
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