Power Bands

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Power Bands

Resistance bands are a versatile, universal accessory, used to work on mobility, stability, gymnastics and for training at home. You can choose five latex gums with various resistance, with equal length (208 cm) but with different width, thickness and overall resistance. With a full set of gums, you're prepared / prepared for each workout.

Resistance band
29 PLN
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14 dni na zwrot
Darmowa dostawa od 4000 zł
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Thickness of gums

Super Mini 1.30 mm

Mini 2.10 mm

Small 3.20 mm

Medium 4.40 mm

Large 6.40 mm

Resistance / tension power:

Super Mini 30lbs (~ 13.61kg)

Mini 50lbs (~ 22.68kg)

Small 65lbs (~ 29.48kg)

Medium 100lbs (~ 45,35kg)

Large 140lbs (~ 63.49kg)

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